Golf Practice/Event Criteria

High School
Seniors and those that are out of school at 2pm for open study hall have a group practice before we start everyone at 3:45. Everyone else that is out of school starts at 3:45. Track athletes and throwers come later usually around 5:30.

Junior High
Junior High has daily practice at 3:45 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

General Playability & Practice
On the dates we have events those not participating still have practice. The standard practice for JH consists of 15 mins of putting and at least 4 holes even on dates when varsity is out of town. (Cody Cavanaugh will be available for help daily after on May 9th. He did cover practice on Thursday as he had an open afternoon.)

On weather, my standard and many coaches use the 40-degree real-feel standard. If we don’t hit a real feel of 40 it’s tough to play. Equipment doesn’t even really work like it should. Rain and snow or heavy wind, I try to cancel before 3pm so everyone can catch a ride home, whether it be a parent pick up or bus.

Coaches usually send out a roster request 4-7 days in advance of the event with a cutoff time usually a day or two before the event. If an event is cancelled, we usually receive notice within 24 hours of an event, but there have also been times it may only be a few hours.